How to become a successful professional

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

— Albert Schweitzer

No matter what you dream to become, at the end what matters is the satisfaction, that you have done something great, and that is how I define success. People tell its ok to aim high and miss it, but not to aim low and get hit. Remember something, it is not that reaching what you aspire for is success, feeling happy for where you have reached is success.

Success maybe defined in different ways by different people, but being a strong leader, and an honest person can make a huge difference in making you a successful professional.

No matter how you define your goals, understanding what makes you happy and being self-motivated, realizing your long-term goals helps you achieve success and satisfaction in your career life.

The characteristics of professionally successful person

Before we get into turning you into a professional success, let’s look at what you’ll need before we get started.

  • Patience: There is no such thing as overnight success. “gradually, then suddenly” as said by Seth Godin. Wait until time teaches you.
  •  Confidence: You need not be the strongest person. But belief is the key to the encrypted door, believe in your potential.
  •  Passion: love for the act that you perform has its unique result. The work that you do out of interest pays you high and you enjoy doing it. Find what you love to do, and work on it.
  • Work Ethic: Be a person people could trust you with. Complete your work before the dead line.

Got all four of those? You’re ready to move on.

Ask yourself:

Questions usually don’t come along with the answer, but once the answers for the questions are discovered you get a clear-cut idea about weaving your success story.

  • What does success taste like?
  • Why is it so important to you?
  • What is that you want to achieve?
  • What are your short and long-term goals?

Developing Your Skills: People choose you for the kind of skill that you possess, you will be given preference, importance and priority with respect to the quality of work that you can produce

  • Strengthen your sales skills

Every field has a part of sales in it, maybe directly or indirectly. You need to learn to sell yourself.

Convincing that your ideas and projects could be a worthy asset for your company/work place.

  • Exercise communication skills

In order to sell your ideas, you would need to communicate in a strategical way. Communication is not about the kind of knowledge in vocabulary that you possess in a specific language with which you communicate, its about delivering you ideas with a simple language.

  • Work on your body language, vocal quality (give stress on important parts of your speech), show them that you are worth hearing to.
  • Conviction is a very integral part of effective communication. You should know the kind of audience you share your ideas with, and present your content according to that.
  • Work on interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are essential if you want to be part of any professional team.The ability to get along with others and work collaboratively is an important part of any field you work in.

  • Accept ideas from others, learn to stress on your ideas, they may not agree with you, but you can find ways to compromise
    • Try not to argue on points, but make sure you give your views on ideas
    • Be mindful of whom you are speaking with
  • Learn leadership skills

Don’t be a leader whoshows only the way, but be a leader who take people through the way. Be a leader who gives opportunities, and who doesn’t show any partiality to individuals

  • Remember every action contributes to your identity of leader, make right decisions and don’t over power people working for you.
  • Be a person who will be always ready to listen to new ideas and encourage your team.

Building Professional Relationships: Understand the value of a relation, people work efficiently with others, when they have good relation with each other.

  • Offer help without being asked

Be a person who can be reached with ease and your colleagues feel free to interact with. You may notice when others are having hard time with their projects. You need not do their work, but at least motivate them and give a moral support.

  • Show appreciation at every step

No position at your place of employment could function without the tireless efforts work of countless workers, maybe they played a small or big role. Every person wishes to be appreciated on their work.

  • When mistakes are made, make sure you don’t tell itdirectly to the person(maybe your superior or someone working under your section). The only motive of speaking about their mistakes should be to improve and make sure they stay motivated and not commit it again
    • Always give a positive feel around you, don’t comment on things as mistakes, but call it suggestions to improve.
  • Take an interest in coworkers and employees

Know the background of your co-workers and understand them well, when they go through mental stress, stand beside them. Let them understand that your really care and you are ready to listen to them.

  • Know the likes and dislikes of people working with you. A good business retains employees, not just recruits them.
  • Remain professional when you show an interest in others at work. Use opportunity to get to know that person better.
  • Practice networking
    • Attend networking events, get in touch with the workers of other companies of different fields
    • Be part of different community clubs (you get to meet them personally without appointments), which could raise up opportunities to meet professionals in their time of recreation, you could get close to professionals and build a valuable relation
    • Be open, honest, and friendly at all times. This could invite you into their chamber of importance suggestion givers, during professional discussions.
    • Could invite you to their own professional networks.

Taking control of your career

  • Take responsibility for your actions
    • Don’t try to be overly defensive about your mistakes.
    • Trying to blame others for your mistakes may make you feel relived at the momet, but you will lose that respect from your coworkers or employees
    • Its important to take responsibilities for your error, at the same time don’t beat you up for the mistake that you have made. Work on not doing it again and let that improve you for good.
  • Be self-motivated

In the professional world, no one will likely be there to help would get motivated with your work and encourage you to give your best

  • You need to summon the strength and responsibility to be your own motivator
  • Don’t wait for work to be assigned to you
  • Manage your time. Schedule work with the level of priority
  • Spend time on other activities in which you feel so interested and relax
  • Learn to ask
    • The attitude of being reader to learn new things should be encouraged, be a good listener and never restrict yourself from asking for help with things you don’t know
    • Be open to ideas and learn to appreciate the different perspectives of people
  • Make smart goals

Goals are important to better yourself, both in personal life and professional life. They give something to look forward and work for a cause. Unless you fix the destinations its really hard for you to choose the path to work on as a person who seeks to success professionally.

As the letter of SMART can be abbreviated: you need to have

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Result-focused
  • Time-bound goals


  1. Goals are important to better yourself, both in personal life and professional life. Workhard for you to choose the path to work on as a person who seeks to success professionally.

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