The best thing one can offer is help

“A help that you do, even a small one, may not be so important to you.

But done at the right time, it can change the life for someone.”

We cannot remember everyone we meet. Life is too big for that. But we will definitely remember those who have helped us when we were suffering. It doesn’t matter whether they lent you just a pen or a couple of dollars we will always remember them.

Helping other people should always be a selfless gesture. Helping a person who is really in need without expecting anything back from them is the greatest quality that one could possess.


There are different ways of helping people.

  • The help could be materialistic where you could lend them something.
  • You can be of moral support to them when they are emotionally broken.
  • Or, just a few words of love when they are in misery can be of big help.
  • A small SMILE.

It is also possible that there might not be someone who would always help you out of your problems. So, it is always necessary that we know how to help ourselves.


Helping is a habit that will take you a step closer to happiness. In a survey, it has been found that people who helped others felt better about themselves than the ones who didn’t. It also helps reduce stress and makes a person emotionally strong. Also, when you help someone it will inspire another person to do the same. Psychologists say that when you help someone your brain releases feel-good chemicals that boosts your happiness level.

It is a quality that will help boost your SELF-ESTEEM. When you see the smile that you have brought on someone’s your own problems are going to seem petty.

       So, next time when you get a chance to help someone, do it. And then feel good about it. There is nothing wrong in enjoying a little happiness.


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