Life is beautiful

This world where life exists, survives, sustains and few who live it, is beautiful. Every creature in this world have their way of seeing the world. The word “life” being different to different beings make it hard to be explained. There comes harsh days and the sweetest memories, many hills and ponds to be crossed. Where the final goal and destination is peace and happiness. To reach there, all the hardships are faced. This essay gives a beautiful sketch of life as it is.


Let’s get into the topic, and when this is named memories, we deal with human beings. The six sensed creatures, with the best constructive and destructive ideas. His mind being a dreamer, his thoughts which runs through him all the day. Makes him complex. His days, his dreams make up his memories. His best moments and the worst moments, makes up what we call memories.

Beautiful days

Every human has his days and has his ways of seeing and living it. Happiness being the destiny which he searches for, does not realizes that the happiness and peace is within him. He sees his days of living as a burden and that he is stuck in a trap, where he is forced to be successful in life. In this journey towards his destiny he forgets to enjoy every single day of his life. Speaking about his beautiful days, he names it so, when one of his days makes him happy and which gives him a temporary pleasure and happiness, which is meaningless.


A beautiful gesture which can be given to as many people possible. Smile never dies and never has restrictions or limits. A pleasant smile can change a person’s life, try giving a smile to a new person you meet, the next time you see the person you would get the same smile back and here cherishes the friendship. Smile when you are happy. Smile when you are sad. Make people smile, make them happy. Smile never wants an external factor, it’s in you. Remember to give a smile to everyone you get to meet. These small gestures could change their moods, oscillate their thoughts and change their life in a beautiful way.


Having spoke about so many factors, which may look unlinked and meaningless. Here comes the point to prove and help realize all its importance in making life beautiful. This life is a journey, life starts from the day a small baby sees the light for the first time, getting out of the safest place in this world. He starts his journey with a new feeling of consciousness. He does not understand anything that happens around him. He starts to learn, and question everything happening around him. He slowly walks, visualizes this world. Everyone is born with a flashed, clean memory. His character, attitude and his behavior everything depends on what kind of surroundings he is brought up in and the way their parents mold him.

All the scenes and moments, every person he meets and every problem he faces makes him into a man with a unique attitude and character. In this journey all those memories and his beautiful days goes on with a pleasant gesture of smile.

In my perspective the word “life” it’s an abstract word, that cannot be given a specific, definite meaning or cannot be limited by few words. Life is changeable, reversible and means different to different people.
Whatever happened never forget the destiny that you have aimed for. Take the steps that takes you to your destiny, it does not matter if its short, long or different from others. Never forget that when your destiny is to find peace and happiness, never waster your present days, remember to wear a smile and enjoy your steps and your journey to the destiny.

“Never miss to smile and never miss to live”.
Every being in this world can “survive”, we being this precious creation remember to “live every moments of life”.



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