Health is Wealth

There is a quote that says that when character is lost then everything is lost. But, the quote should actually go like this.,

“When wealth is lost, then nothing is lost. When character is lost, something is lost. But, when health is lost then everything is lost.”

All of us are so concerned about how we are going to lead our lives. We start setting a path for ourselves to follow, in order to achieve success. And this success is always materialistic. On following this path we often forget that in order to enjoy all the success that we achieve, we need to be in good health.

Follow just three steps in order to maintain good health. But following these three steps is going to take a lot more will power than you think. The steps are:

  • Follow an exercise routine
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle
  • And, EAT. (p.s., let no one stop you from eating what you want!)


I sure know how difficult it is to maintain a routine not just in exercise but in so many other things. So, i am pretty sure that you would have done an mental eye roll when you saw “the exercise routine”. But, maintaining an exercise routine is the only straight forward method to maintain your health. Every other method is just a sidekick.

There is a lot of different ways in exercising

  • Going to the gym (the most common)
  • Yoga (boooooooring)
  • Dancing (the zumba dance is the best!!!!)
  • Aerobics (WoaH!)
  • Taking the stairs is also an exercise (i know! the toughest)

Try out all these exercising methods and just come up with a routine of youself just the way you like it and then, believe me, exercising will look a lot more interesting.


A lifestyle is not something that is forced upon us. It is something that we can choose for ourselves. But, most of us forget this choice and always go for the most easy way! And what is it?

Being lazy and staying uninterested in life and with yourself.

              The key to a healthy lifestyle is in being happy. Stay content with whatever you have and stop stressing about things that won’t matter in the long run. Concentrate on things that actually matters and start doing things that would make you feel better about yourself. Follow your dreams. If you think it’s right do it without any hesitation. Take care of your loved ones. Stop thinking about other people. Life is too short to be wasted on other’s thoughts. Because in the end, all that matters to you is “you”. So, think about your lifestyle and correct the mistakes. Lead your life with the correct attitude.  

And last but never the least, eat whatever you want to. But, only you know your limit so stay within that. Never stop yourself from eating something that you so badly want. But after eating repeat the first step of this article ;).


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