The latest technologies that will change the future

Technology is the word that we use to describe the revelations in the field of science; the rational ideas are not limited and which are being boundless to take a drive on this world. Mastery of human evolution’s has witnessed this sophisticated life that we all live now. And no wonder it is going to continue till human endeavor exist in this plant earth. However, keeping ourselves updated on the recent inventions and renovations of the technological space is one of the demanding things in the present world. Let me have the privilege of taking you to the recent technologies which are expected to change the world in future.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality

The title clearly depicts the concept of virtual things that doesn’t really exist in real world; we generally live in two worlds, one is the outer sensory world and another is the digital virtual world. The technology behind the digital world has much significance than we could imagine, computations enabled with formatted screen image, which can function on the commands to turn 360 degree and produces a state-of-art digital 3D image. And in result of the clubbed images forms a magnifying three dimensions visual. This remarkable Virtual reality platform has a wide range of application in most of the industrial sectors. Stretching out its phenomenal and engaging feature to the fields like space, medical, civil architecture, machine designs, interior designs, etc., 3D rendering is one of the top technologies that drive this digital era and continoue to taken on the furture world.

3D printer

3D Printer

The much anticipated revolution in the tech space is 3D printing. It bas become bliss for research and development platforms, as it can clearly print a 3D model of anything that is fed to produce. It has enabled to pace out in the fast changing world to create or test new innovative module, and also makes it simple to create a 3D prototype for presentations. The method used in 3D printer works similar as 2D printers, however, instead of printing a two dimensional image it creates the objects through superimposing thin layers. The printing material can be clay, resin, plastic or any other synthesized materials to print 3D model. It is used widely in manufacturing sectors, the 3D printer not only supports in bring out a prototype but also in producing customized components which are needed less in quantities by avoiding mass production. Moreover, it reduces the production cost of huge machinery.

Big Data Analysis

Big data Analysis

The topic refers to a humongous collection of stored data that are massive and detailed in volume. These data are collections of our everyday activities like travelling, communication, entertainment or anything that we do in our everyday life. Hence, the collection of such data is Big Data. As we come across all those huge data and which needs a structural processing of data along with a standardized computing formats. And these collections of huge data is a big resource for businesses like eCommerce, adverting, tourism, etc., we can call it treasure trove of our time. Managing all the collected data through processing and analyzing the data could bring required result on its actions.  

Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence is no myth in the computerized world. And ever since the revolution of digital platform, AI has taken it form to evolve in various fields and serving with tremendous applications in lot of fields. The simple way to describe artificial intelligence is autonomy of programmed computation that has the ability of functioning, or carry out any programmed task by itself without any support of human beings. Advancement in computing algorithms along with data science have lead AI to this present level of ever great achievement, nowadays we hear a lot related AI in many industries such as medical, space, software development and testing, manufacturing industries, etc., its wide application has brought this world under one umbrella of digital life. As people started exploring this technology to understand or to use and upgrade for their convenient. It will become part of everyday life in the future to come. Thus, AI has huge advantages in future, but it is on how we use them wisely.

Self-Driving Car

Self-Driving Car

Transportation is pacing along the fast changing technology, as we live in fourth industrial revolution. Self driving cars are the latest innovation you must have heard its anticipation in the market to use. Auto-driving mode is possible now and many even started to use this technology in some countries. This new invention work with AI, which is programmed with higher logical algorithmic computations. Supported with data received through sensors, cameras and lidars to navigate the vehicle towards the commanded route. As it is simple and ease after tedious programming through AI algorithms, it can take the driver seat for accelerating, steering, apply brake and other functions to drive. Regardless to the amount of acceptance, this technology would certainly rule this world in future without any doubt and human being would have other work to perform than doing such physically demanding work.


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