“One Last Revenge!” : A True Story

If you want to recharge your motivation to the next level then please go through the complete story below. I am damn sure that this story will inspire you so much.

This story has been around the two characters: “ Raj” and “Payal”.

They were not made for each other as their fate and this story are inspired by some true incidents I have seen around me till today, and it has now any relation with any people and nothing are copied from anywhere. If it still clashes with someone else’s life story, then you no need to worry, keep enjoying reading this own story, I will try to make it good.

Warning: Some emotional content ahead!

Part- 1: The Beginning Part

Here the story starts with Raj, a boy who is belonged to Patna, Bihar who had a crush on a girl named Payal from another section of Class Xth of his school. Somehow, Payal managed some courage to approach the girl during the board exams and was only able to introduce himself to her. After the schools, the girl’s family based out of Bihar and shifted to Delhi since Payal’s father got transferred to Delhi. Payal and Raj’s life parted away, they both got engaged in their own lives.

Part 2: Love is in the air

Raj worked so hard in Patna but failed to clear the JEE Entrance Examination. Later, he took admission in the ECE stream of a private engineering college in Bhopal. Fate had something else to decide, it was just a coincidence that Raj saw Payal in the same college. She was in the CSE branch in the same year. She had become more beautiful and a hottie. He went to her, then he starts to remind her about some childhood memories and somehow managed to become her friend. They both started spending time together. Now, talking over the phone started at nights and they started sharing their own life stories. After some days Raj proposed Payal, but she rejected his love proposal. She told him that she loves him too but she can’t give any commitment towards him since she was ditched by a guy when she was in Delhi, she still loves her ex-bf and unable to move on and unable to trust any other guy too.

Raj after knowing all this started taking care of Payal very much and helped her in moving on from her ex-boyfriend. He always used to teach her Engineering Mathematics and some common papers they both shared. Within that time Raj taking care of her so much, he did not care for his own grades. He started loving her even more. At one place he was amongst the seven pointers of his college and Payal was consistently amongst the top five of her branch. She even topped in some semesters later. After spending one year together, Raj had won Payal’s trust and he proposed her again. This time Payal was unable to refuse and both of them become a popular couple in the college. After that, they both started roaming around the cities together and going out for trips together. Till then, both were perfect for each other. As always Payal used to share every minute details and every minute problems of her life with Raj and he used to motivate her and take her out of any difficult situation. Everything was going perfectly between them. Raj got his first passionate kiss and a tight hug on his birthday as a gift from Payal. Raj was on cloud nine as he was in deep love with her. Payal loved listening songs and Raj used to remember lyrics and always loved to sing whenever Payal demanded the same. Raj’s voice was soothing and melodious that after listening to his songs Payal used to forget her menstrual cramps.

“His favorite lines”:-

“हो चांदनी जब तक रात, देता है हर कोई साथ ( Everyone stands by your side till there’s a moonlit night )

तुम मगर अंधेरों में न छोड़ना मेरा हाथ ( But please you don’t leave my hand even in the darkness )

न कोई है न कोई था, जिंदगी में तुम्हारे सिवा (There’s no one and there was no one, In my life other than you)

तुम देना साथ मेरा, आ हमनवाज़ ( Stand by my side, my beloved )

जब कोई बात बिगड़ जाए (Whenever something goes wrong)

जब कोई मुश्किल पड़ जाए(Whenever there’s a problem)

तुम देना साथ मेरा, आ हमनवाज़ ( Stand by my side, my beloved )

Part 3: Tragedy

After passing out of the college, Raj got placed in Toshiba and Payal started working in a startup in Bangalore. Raj got the base location in Hyderabad but used to travel to Bangalore for meeting her. Now, the problem started here. after that they both became busy in their own lives and their communication became limited. One day, Payal told Raj that her father is looking for a suitable groom for her and she is getting some nice marriage proposals. One of the marriage proposals was from an H1B guy working in a firm in the United States. Raj felt cheated when she told him that she has agreed to marry that H1B guy. Payal was making silly excuses like Raj did not belong to her caste, he is a vegetarian and she is a non-vegetarian, she loves eating chicken so much, her parents are conservative and they will not accept him, she loves her parents more and she did not want to do anything against her parent’s will, it doesn’t matter how much she loves him, she will not marry him if her parents don’t accept him and on and on. She told Raj not to contact her anymore, she told him a failure, told him that he can’t fulfill her all dreams while working in the Toshiba. Raj tried to convince her that the H1B guy is about five years older than him, he must be given at least one chance to prove himself, Raj told her that he will tell everything about her to his family and his parents will try to convince her parents for their marriage. But, Payal was not ready to listen to anything. Payal told him that he always fights with her so much, his anger is just unbearable and she can’t survive with him anymore hereafter. Payal told him “Ab Kuch Nahi ho sakta, tum toh America jane ki Sapne hi dekhte rehna (Now nothing can happen, you just watch the dream of U.S.), I am going to fly US within two months” and Payal hung up the call. After getting annoyed by Raj’s calls and messages, she blocked him everywhere including every social media platform they shared. Raj was really broken, he felt so much dejected and tried everything out to get her back. Even once Raj met her with help of some common friends but Payal was rigid with her decision, still he kept begging her to come back into his life, he was ready to do anything for her, he kept mailing her, kept begging her but nothing worked, he really fucked up his own self-respect very badly on that time. After a few months, he came to know that Payal got married to the same H1B guy. Raj went into depression, his performance in the office declined drastically, his whole life looked dark. He became suicidal, started blaming Payal for all failures and problems of his life. He started considering himself as a loser who could not achieve anything big in his life.

Many questions and answers like this where revolving in his mind: “Why me? “, Raj just want to know: “Why Payal left me at such a low point of my life when I needed her more? Why don’t Payal trusted my capabilities? Whether Payal needed someone for just time-pass and pleasure? Whether Payal needed someone for emotional dumping? Whether Payal wanted a new boyfriend for just moving on from her ex-boyfriend? Whether my job in Toshiba was not enough for marrying her or Payal just left me for money and in hope of a better life in the US on a dependent visa?. ” Raj even wanted to take big revenge for leaving him in such a bad way and wanted to disclose her every secret to everyone, he wanted to expose her in front of everybody, but he chose to remain silent as always. Raj never preferred consuming alcohol or cigarettes in such a depressing condition. Raj broke down completely, he was unable to get over from all the memories he shared with Payal. Raj was unable to forget all the kisses and hugs he had with her. Raj used to cry almost daily either by hiding his face under the pillow or under the shower while taking a bath. He was getting haunted even in nights as he was seeing Payal in his dreams almost daily. He started getting panic attacks. No one was there for helping him in moving out of this situation. Raj seemed to be hopeless and helpless.

Background music:

“कुछ भी नहीं है ये जहां, तू है तो है इसमें ज़िन्दगी (“There is nothing where you are, there is life in it)

अब मुझको जाना है कहाँ, के तू ही सफ़र है आख़िरी (Now I have to go where you are traveling)

के तेरे बिना जीना मुमकिन नहीं, ना देना कभी मुझको तू फ़ासले (It is not possible to live without you, do not ever let me decide)

मैं तुझको कितना चाहता हूँ, ये तू कभी सोच ना सके (How much i want you so much)

तेनु इतना मैं प्यार करां, इक पल विच सौ बार करां (i love u so much, I can do it a hundred times)

तू जावे जे मैनू छड के, मौत दा इंतज़ार करां” (You go away, i wait for death! “)

Part 4: The Resurrection

Time has a remedy for every wound. What doesn’t kill you really makes you stronger, it really makes a fighter.

Few months passed and Raj somehow became stable. He slowly started believing that Payal has left her completely and she is not going to return back ever. Raj started doing meditation, hitting out at the gym and slowly started gaining his lost self-confidence and self-esteem. Raj almost stopped visiting home, cut himself from everybody from his past and deactivated all his social media accounts. Raj started saving most of his salaries whatever earned, and when he had around 2 lacs rupees left with him he resigned from his job without letting his parents know about this news. Raj started preparing for a competitive exam called GATE. Raj worked so hard and got a decent rank next year and took admission in M.Tech. (VLSI & Micro-Electronics), Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Madras. The fun part here is that after 3 months Raj ‘s parents got to know about him that he is in Chennai right now and got this much of rank in the GATE. It was really unexpected for all of them but still, they were so much happy after hearing that their son is in an IIT. This is not at all the end. After that Raj started working even harder day and night, he kept crying and studying hand in hand together. Whenever he felt low, these last words told by Payal reminded him to work even harder: “Ab kuch nahi ho sakta, tum toh America jane ki sapne hi dekhte rehna(Now nothing can happen, you just watch the dream of U.S.), I am going to fly US within two months”. Raj made these lines his only the source of motivation which always charged him up whenever he felt low or got thinking about giving up.

Under the guidance of the guide like Professor Venkatchandran sir, he published four research papers and journals in the prestigious IEEE. He maintained a decent 9.1 CGPA during his whole master’s. Professor Venkatchandran sir used to praise him so much, he kept telling everyone about Raj ’s dedication towards his academics. Hence, It was really tough to see and realize, how an average student from some private engineering college who was getting a mere seven pointers during his graduation, who somehow got placed in Toshiba is now publishing research papers, getting nine pointers in his masters from the prestigious IIT. After he completed his masters, his parents told him to marry but he refused to do so, maybe he became misogamy and started disliking the concept of marriage. It is just foolish for us to comment on how much Raj loved Payal.

But on the other side, Raj ‘s career was still flourishing, after completing his masters with such decency, he started preparing for the GRE and TOEFL in which he soon got very decent scores. Raj got an offer of 100 percent scholarship from the University of Texas with paid internships for pursuing his Ph.D. and research work from there. Raj moved to the US and achieved new heights there, he did some great work in the field of Micro-Electronics and Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI). Raj completed his Ph.D. and then within four years and had many luxurious pre-placement offers from the world’s top semiconductor chip companies after his internships. Raj is currently living in famous city San Diego, California, United States and now leading one of the R&D Teams in the company like Qualcomm and has contributed very much to the development of its Snapdragon updated processor series. Raj is earning in seven figures in the US Dollars and recently received his Green Card.

Part 5: Forgiveness

Recently, Raj got to know that Payal is in the same city staying with her husband who is doing some Tier-3 job in a well-reputed firm there. Raj contacted Payal to meet him, it was really unexpected for Payal but this time she was too excited to meet him. The reunion happened, Raj got to know that he had no grudges left for her, he had already forgiven her completely and the taste of success was overcoming every bitter memory. He was so much thankful to Payal and even thanked her and credited all his achievements to her. He told her “Thank you so much! Thanks for leaving me. Whatever I have achieved & got is due to you only. Tumne meri Zindagi Bana di (you made my life).”

Raj was adoring Payal’s son “Krish” as he was so cute. The feeling of regret was clearly visible in Payal’s eyes. She was literally crying from inside. She really felt sorry for him. Today neither she was able to find any proper reason behind leaving Raj nor she was able to prove her decision of leaving Raj right. She now understood the meaning of the following quote: “Never ignore someone who cares for you because someday you’ll realize you’ve lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones.”

Today Raj is enjoying his life to the fullest, maybe in the near future, a girl will definitely come in his life who will marry him and love him as no one did.


Lessons from this story:

  1. Remember : Some Cowards take revenge; they prove the guy’s / girl’s decision of leaving them right by taking revenge.
    Edit : Revenge brings temporary satisfaction & pain but it comes with the worst feeling of guilt and regrets, having your chest off from these feelings is tougher than just moving on.
  2. Silence and Forgiveness is the best remedy to heal faster.
  3. Work-hard silently, your success will speak louder. Since success is the best revenge.
  4. So Girls, please keep breaking heart of guys, you are indirectly contributing to some great research work and letting guys knowing their full potential.
  5. So guys/girl’s please stop running behind girls/guys respectively, in this way you are getting nothing, neither that girl/guy nor your career. Sometimes It is so better to at least focus on your career. Never deal with your self-esteem and self-respect.
  6. Make breakups your source of motivation, vent out your anger in doing something constructive. Realize your self-worth & strive to achieve something big in your life.
  7. Hey boys / girls, please don’t love if you don’t have any courage to be with your partner. Please, watch your family situation first (if they can allow a love-marriage or not) then only make someone fall in love with you.
  8. If caste is really a problem then love only that girl/guy who belongs to your caste. Sometimes we being in a relationship must not be just for time-pass and pleasure. Remember one thing, bouncing back in life like “Raj” requires lots of effort and it’s not that easy for everyone.

All the best!

Edit 1: I wrote this story to guide and motivate everyone irrespective of their gender. Since I am a guy, hence I have written a guy’s point of view.

Edit 2: Will wait for your upcoming comments.

Written by : Ravindra Gupta

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