Some Thought To Get Change


1.“Wake up, you can choose whatever you want to be” said the parents of the boy who dreamt just jumped off a building to end his life.

“Never Give Up”

2. “I wish I was a girl” said the boy after staying in prison for 3 years just because of someone fake assault case registered against him.

“Never get revenge to kill someone heart and life. We human born here , so just put some effort to make or give a good life.

3. “What would you like to eat madam?” said the waiter who hasn’t eaten anything for the last two days.

“Hidden pain never comes front just to make someone happy.”

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4. “This is the most scenic view you’ll ever see” said the tour guide who hasn’t seen his family for the last year.

“Distance relation still works with family where no one forget easily.”

5. “Oh, that’s just because of my cat” said the girl who wanted to hide the reality behind the cuts on her wrist.

“Pain can give any type of self-destruction in us. So, better not to think of that.”

6. “Please wear a helmet” said the lady to a random boy. The lady lost her 15 year old son in a road accident a year ago.

“Small life to live, better live that life in a big way with safety and thought of family.”
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7. “Your dad doesn’t visit us regularly because he is in the army” said the mother of a 5 year old girl, whose dad left them both for another woman.

“Cheating is easy to but leaving with those memories is hard for next person.”


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