Dear mavourneen, success is defined mostly for only those who seek it. On the way to success there is an attest known as generosity that every people should indulge. Success doesn’t come occasionally; it comes from what you do consistently. Accept the advice even though it is soar. Character, attitude, discipline are the most important qualities that a successful person should indulge in.

    Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result make a different choice. My dear guys, sometimes we have to get versatile just to get experienced to every situation we face, because that is the only way to become mentally strong.

And it is okay to make mistakes, because it’s the human tendency. But never repeat the same mistake again, if you want to grasp success.

     I would just like to tell something, for those who read this blog post, you know who you are, then do not care about the words coming from others, if it is least important, if you want to be at the peak. Make yourself proud and I believe that you’re going to change this world by your charm. When people through shade, shine brighter. And success without hard work is called as luck.

     My dear one ,remember one thing in life ,size is not at all a matter ,if that matters then Elephant should have been the king of the jungle. Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t works hard .Always believe that you’re the best, others call it as over confidence, but you know it’s a motivation.

     If you are consistent in a process, you will get it .If you are persistent in a process, you will keep it. Love your haters, because they are the only one who always points your mistakes. Give a reason to this world to remember your name. Because this world is a show and you haven’t even got a ticket .One day we all will reach the eternity. But before that, you have the responsibility to do something to the one who gave you birth.

And that is the tears of ecstasy, from the eyes of your lovable parents .For that you have to work like a bull.

      Excuse me smarter one, if you sow a potato you will not reap a tomato. So what you are going to do now, will determine your future. Always help others, because what goes around comes around .Never forget the gratitude, at any point in life. It’s one of the most important qualities that a good soul should enrich in him.

     My beloved one, never forget that excuses don’t create legacy and I’m sure that you will realize it .But on that moment you will not have the  time to change yourself .So listen to the advice and be clear with what your moving on. You fall down, just to bounce back. You have to sacrifice something, to get something. Always have a habit of smiling even in a negative situation. And one day you will be the best version of yourself.

      My cherished one, please don’t wait for the time, because there is also a concept which is known as too late. Make use of what you have in life. And if you struggle now one day, trust me you will be awesome and everyone will speak about you one day. That day, that moment will be the harmonious and honorable moment of your entire lifespan.

      Excuse me genius, why are you waiting for a doubtful tomorrow when you have a perfect today. Why are you surfing for the role model, when you can be one .Why are you blaming others, when you’re not absolute. Why are you expecting from others, when they don’t even remember you. Why are you sitting in the crowd, when you can be the legend .You are a fantastic creature, you have the ability to create amazements.     

     My lovely one, every breath you take is the burning desire to live .And just like that, curiosity is burning desire to success. You have to be fascinated in knowing something and be aware of what is happening around you. You shouldn’t be a worrier, be a warrior. Fight till the end. A warrior will never ask,” how many warriors are there?” they just ask “where are they?”If you want success, then parabellum.    

    A successful person is one who has come across so many failures, many obstacles, criticized and dominated by everyone, betrayed by traitors, encouraged by very few, rejected by many. He is the one who will encourage himself, at the time of dejection.


                                                                                                   Karan.C                                                                                                    2nd year, MECH ‘A’

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