Do you know the story behind the founder of OnePlus+?

Carl Pei & Pete Lau.

OnePlus was founded by Carl Pei & Pete Lau in December 2013 in Shenzhen, China.

OnePlus followed Invite System till OnePlus 3.

Invite System is basically a system whereby customers had to sign up for an invite to purchase the phone at irregular intervals.

our early days, around the launch of OnePlus One, we weren’t sure how many people wanted to buy a phone from a brand that had just entered the space. As things turned out, the demand for our first product exceeded expectations, which is why the invite model worked for us.

Pete Lau, founder, OnePlus

If your two choices are: you piss some people off, or you risk dying as a company, then the choice becomes pretty easy.

Carl Pei, founder, OnePlus

BBK Electronics is the parent company of OnePlus, Oppo & Vivo.

BBK handled Oppo, Vivo & OnePlus differently. OnePlus demanded an Online medium to sell their products & BBK helped them in that.

Oppo is the manufacturing company of OnePlus devices.

Customer Demand is the priority of OnePlus. They are always open for suggestions from the OnePlus Community.

OnePlus was Banned in India in 2014 because of Cyanogen OS. Micromax has the exclusive rights of Cyanogen OS in India. After that, OnePlus designed its own Oxygen OS.

Pete Lau:

He is the CEO of OnePlus.

He is a simple guy & most of the time he likes to communicate in his native tongue.

He started his career as a Hardware Engineer in OPPO.

He always loved to detail a product.

He smashed a Blue-Ray Player’s logic board because he was disappointed by the design.

He ended up as the Vice President of OPPO before starting OnePlus.

He loved Carl’s ambition to change the world.

Carl Pei:

He was raised up in Stockholm, Sweden.

He was the junior of Pete Lau in OPPO, & they both started OnePlus after they left Oppo to create a high-Quality Product for half of the price of the other high-end devices.

Carl Pei didn’t have a college degree.

Pete Lau hired Carl in 2012 in OPPO.

Carl Pei Contacted Pete Lau on social media & wanted to have a conversation with him that “I want to change the world”.

He commutes on an Uber & uses Airbnb frequently.

Their starting aim & stretch goals:

“Sell 30,000 Phones & keep your Job” – “Sell 50,000 Phones it’s a pretty good year” – “Sell 150,000 Phones it’s Exceptional”.

OnePlus Ended up selling 1.5 Million Phones.


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Written By:- Ravindra Gupta

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