What should i do to become a hacker?

This is one of the big question among hacking aspirants. In this post I’d try to suggest a learning path which would help you to gather knowledge step by step to become a successful hacker.


1. First, Start using Kali Linux as your daily use operating system. Stay calm. Do not hurry during the steps mentioned bellow. Not for using hacking tools but just to get used to it. How to use basic tasks like file operations, mounting / un-mounting drives, searching and installing packages etc.

2. Second, Learn data structure & algorithm deeply. Learn & implement them using Python.

3. Third, Then you need to have a very clear understanding of Computer Networks & Operating system. More specifically you need to have a solid understanding of process management & memory management in operating system and TCP/IP, DNS, Cryptography, Routing protocols in Computer networks. Learn how to work with those using python. Take a deep dive into UNIX/Linux.

4. Fourth, You need to understand how websites works hence need to understand Apache, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL and at least one server side language like PHP, ASP, JSP etc.

5. Fifth, At this step you will have enough knowledge to deep your toe into world of hacking. Now you need to learn about known & common vulnerabilities and attacks like SQL injection, XSS, LFS, RFS, Remote shell, Buffer overflow attack, brute-force attack, Reverse TCP payload etc.

6. Sixth, At this step you need to do some hands on. Start using some hacking tool like Aircrack-ng, airmon, Metasploit, Cain & Abel, sqlmap, Wapiti etc. These tools are preinstalled in Kali linux.

7. Seventh, Most important is Do not hurry! Hacking is not child’s play. Clicking hacking tools made by another person doesn’t make you hacker.You need to build a solid foundation of Computer science knowledge. Remember a hacker is nothing but a excellent programmer who understand systems(Operating system, Network system etc.) very well.

8. Eighth, I’d like to suggest you to have a mentor who has knowledge about those above mentioned topics. Because you may not understand on which part you need to concentrate less & on which topic you need to go beyond the boundary.

9. Finally, Please do not destroy any resource ever. Try to be a good guy. Great power comes with great responsibility.

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Disclaimer: This a learning path which I suggested. This is not only way to learn hacking. There is another methods which also doing pretty good. For example learning Perl instead of python, which is absolutely fine. I just shared my view which may helpful to you. But you have full freedom to choice your own.

Languages to Learn:-

In my opinion the best choice would be python. It has a huge library function available. Most importantly it allows to code evil things. So my suggestion is to read following books one after another to accrue real power of python in context of hacking. The list goes as follows…

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  1. Learning Python, 5th Edition
  2. Pro Python
  3. Python for Unix and Linux System Administration
  4. Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers

Update: You can also check the following book
Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters

Now let me elaborate a little bit about those books.

  1. Learning Python, 4th Edition: This will help you to begin with python and lead you to the intermediate level. After completing this book you’d be able write codes in python efficiently.
  2. Pro Python: This book will let you to continue your journey to one step further towards expertising python programming. This book will help you to become a python expert. After completing this book you’d be able to write complex python programs and ready to go to the next level “Playing with systems using Python”
  3. Python for Unix and Linux System Administration: This book will help you to play arround operating system and networks using python. You will learn how to interact with process, protocols etc. This is a must read book. Always remember “A hacker is nothing but a programmer who knows systems very well”. It is always recommended that you read at least one book on Operating Systems and Computer Networks each before touching this book.
  4. Violent Python: A Cookbook for Hackers: Ahh! You at the cutting edge of this learning queue. This this you final stage of this learning process. In this book you’ll learn how to exploit systems using python. How to build tools which can lunch an attack etc. You’ll learn the “Art of evil programming”.

I urge you to not to skip any of those 4 books if you are staring from scratch. And if you are already have an exposure to python programming then take a decision of your own.

I hope that you find this article helpful. Thanks for reading…

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Written By:- Ravindra Gupta

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