Project Cortex by Microsoft’s is the new push to conquer workload

Microsoft has developed a new working platform Office 365, it is an advanced Artificial Intelligence that can deliver greater insights and expertise to businesses which uses data glean from their own content.

Microsoft has named it the new knowledge-management service as ‘Project Cortex’. Moreover, it is also the new service in Mircrosoft 365 ever since the launch of Microsoft Teams in 2017. The application of this newly developed platform ‘Project cortex’ is to support business operations, enables content to access by sharepoint and make it available to every users in a proactive method.

As per Microsoft, Project Cortex can turn customer content into an “interactive knowledge source of repository”. The service is capable to infuse contents in many ways which can also analyze data and contact however, the subject matter experts could learn and teach the system to better understand with less structured content which includes the information gathered during conversations, meetings and videos.

  • Micorsoft seeks to provide secured IoT with Azure Sphere.
  • The future work in the technological age of AI.
  • The tech giants head Satya Nadella teases the potential Microsoft 365 consumer launch.

Here new topic pages and knowledge are created and updated by Project Cortex and these would essentially act like wikis source for any organization that undertakes the platform. The topic cards will be available to Mircsoft users in Outlook, Team and in Office.

Project Cortex The forayed managed Metadata Service stays in the heart of Project Cortex and allows to tag across Microsoft 365. It can also be connected to any third party repositories by using the all new Microsoft Search connectors that are already available for Window Files Share, SQL Database, Intranet websites, MediaWiki, Azure Data Lake Gen2, Salesforce, etc

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