Here Some hacks you Don’t know

1. You can hide your number from Truecaller. First, deactivate your truecaller account from the app and then go to Truecaller Unlist page and Unlist your number.

Now when you will call someone or when someone searches your number Truecaller won’t show your name.

2. ThopTv app. You can access all premium contents free of cost and watch Live TV too. Moreover, this app is available for all operating system.

3. If you already have WiFi at home, you don’t need to pay separately for cable/DTH every month. Buy an android box or android TV and sideload apps like Jio TV, Airtel TV, Jio Cinema, ThopTv, Prime etc.

These apps can be managed by the Android remote too.

4. If you want to chat with someone without sharing mobile number, get telegram app and in privacy select hide mobile number option. Share your profile link with the person. Now you can enjoy chat without risking privacy.

5. If you want to speak with someone without sharing your mobile number, visit FreeConferenceCall .com and generate a dial-in number. You both need to call on it to connect with each other. (The one who generates dial-in will know another number)

6. The moment you realised your android phone is lost. Take someone’s phone or laptop, go to google >android> find my device. Log in with your email id (should be same you use in your phone).

For example, you will see the below page.

You will able to see the live location of the phone, play sound on mobile, lock it, leave a message for those who found it, erase media or completely format phone. You will also get an IMEI number.

7. Last, get your friend’s email address (most of the times available on Truecaller) go to Gmail sign-in page and type his email and click on forgot the password. Gmail will show you otherways to sign-in. Keep clicking Try another way and last way will see thesecurity question.

Most of thequestions will be very easy to answer. Like what is your mother/father name, pet name, the place you born? These details can be easily found.

So what is hack here? Change your security question now.

  • Want a great haircut? Tell the barber that you have an important interview next week. Giving them a purpose ensures a good job.
  • If you’re feeling stressed or have no motivation, clean your room.
  • If you are working on a laptop and can’t stop looking at your phone, hide it behind your laptop.
  • When you meet someone, don’t point out if they’re really tall or short or any other significant physical feature. They already know and are tired of hearing about it.
  • If you believe someone is lying to you, don’t say anything. If they continue to elaborate on what they’re saying then they are lying.
  • Not sure if a pair of shoes fits, & no time to try them on? Your foot is the same size as your forearm.
  • When showing people pictures on your phone, zoom in a little bit so they can’t swipe to other pictures.

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