What is the most interesting fact that you know and I don’t, but I should?

e have the world’s largest and most efficient NGO in India. Its name is KALINGA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCE.

Amazing facts about it:

  • It provides accommodation, study, career development, and healthcare to 25,000 tribal students (who would be otherwise forced to beg for survival) each year at its integrated residential campus located in Bhubaneswar.
  • Its students are educated from kindergarten to post-graduate level at the KISS school and the associated KISS college for higher education.
  • The students from this institute have achieved remarkable results in almost every exams. Be it the BOARDS, IIT-JEE, CA-CPT and what not!
  • This institute focuses and spends its resources on sports. One of the students had almost made it to Rio 2016 Olympics.
  • Six girls were selected as probables in Indian Women’s Team for Asian Women 7’s Rugby Championship to be held in Mumbai.
  • He’s the Rugby star from India from this institute.
  • It began with 125 tribal students and some financial support from the ministry of tribal affairs.
  • It prepares food for 25,000 students, everyday and it is therefore counted as one of the India’s mega kitchen.
  • It has its own waste management system. It generates bio-gas by the organic waste which is supplied at its own kitchen.
  • It uses solar energy to light the fans and LEDs.
  • The dining hall is spread in acres and these 25,000 students visit it 3 times a day to eat their meals.
  • The campus has a specialised serene place:
  • The Director:
  • The foundation follows what it calls the “Art of Giving”, a humanitarian and philanthropic concept of simple living and high thinking.

It has shown what revolution can education and healthcare bring amongst the poorest of the poor! 🙂

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